Italian One-on-One is an understatement. Mirella carefully analyses each student’s current level and their aims and then carefully tailors an instructional program to fit that situation. In the arena of language training, it is similar to the difference between “off-the-rack” and a custom-made, hand-fitted suit. Dave J.


Although I have been home for almost 2 months now, I did want to let you know that my vacation to Italy in May was outstanding!!! I also want you to know that the lessons you provided were very useful. Although we were far from articulate, we had enough to make ourselves understood, which we needed to do quite often. The villa where we stayed was special enough that I have every intention of returning in the near future. That, of course, means additional lessons. I look forward to another opportunity to learn some more Italian. Thanks for your help and suggestions. –Alan B.


Mirella is a wonderful Italian teacher. She not only teaches Italian, but she teaches culture and context in which to use the language. I feel this is important because it gives the lessons meaning beyond a correct accent. One can actually understand how Italian works in Italy with Mirella’s tutelage. I recommend Mirella’s Italian class for any level and anyone wanting to learn Italian. –Brian M.


We are back from our travels in Italy and Croatia! Everything went beautifully! The Italian adventures were so perfect…we were very happy!  The night ferry to Split worked like clockwork. Thank you so very much again for your thoughtfulness in helping make that happen. Times were correct and we just had some time in Ancona to see the old city and laugh a lot! It was a great time. On our way back to Rome we stopped at a winery near Loreto. You would have been so proud of your student, Nick! He was able to use his Italian lessons for directions and meals and I was most impressed! (Our friends were too!). We shopped at a Supermercato and had a ball buying meats and cheeses for a 5 day stay in Tuscany! We needed directions to several wineries and Nick was able to understand and follow the Italian. I certainly enjoyed our trip knowing a lot more than two years ago! We thank you again, Mirella! Just wanted to update you! I think Nick loves his Italian lessons!!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs up for more…maybe even me, too! Fondly,  –Katy and Nick


I have thoroughly enjoyed the language classes with you. I appreciate the smaller group with more opportunity for participation and the flexibility provided. I have noticed improvement in my ability to communicate each time I travel to Italy, which is very encouraging. I think you should conduct class even more in Italian and make us respond in Italian as much as possible – even though it is sometimes very difficult because of our lack of vocabulary!! I also really appreciate the discussions about the culture and people – I think that is also an important piece of learning that language and understanding the culture. It enhances the travel experience considerably. –V.R.


I have very much enjoyed and benefited from taking one-on-one Italian classes from Mirella. I have no reservations in recommending her services. Some specific points I would like to make:

  • Mirella is patient and encouraging but doesn’t let her students rest on their success. She is constantly setting new goals and new objectives;
  • Details, nuances, and exact pronunciations are stressed with bits of Italian every day culture. None of Mirella’s students are allowed to sound like “ugly Americans,” slaughtering Italian;
  • Mirella is the consummate professional, setting and keeping appointments, keeping lessons on track, and presenting students with complete accounting every month for their taxes and personal records;
  • Mirella’s classroom is comfortable and professional. In the summer expect to meet outside, overlooking her garden.

I am very happy I discovered Mirella! My best, –Larry J.