Venice, ItalyThe founder and owner of Italian One-on-One, Mirella, is a native of Italy and an Italian language expert. She studied Italian and Latin extensively at the university level in Triest, Italy. She has specialized experience translating and teaching and is recommended as an Italian/English translator by the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco, CA. She also works regularly with the Honorary Consul of Italy in Portland, OR. She maintains close connections with Italy, and has access to a network of Italian professionals who can assist you with technical expertise in practically any field.

Mirella founded Italian One-on-One in 1991, and since then has taught Italian at Portland State University, Portland Community College, Mount Hood Community College, at several private schools of foreign language (such as Passport to Languages), and privately to hundreds of individual students.Cypress

Italian One-on-One has also performed many interpretations and translations of thousands of pages of legal certificates, citizenship papers, divorce decrees, business and technical manuals, personal letters, and many other documents. We offer a full range of Italian language services, in a friendly atmosphere, meeting customer needs one by one.